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New Acquisition The Las Conchas Property hosts the Las Perlas…

Ocean View @Las Perlas Built Homes in Area close to 800 residences in that…

Important Historical Facts

Our strategy strives on creating shareholder value by making acquisitions that generate shareholder value.

Historically speaking when you have a solid real estate the Stock Market is stable. Interest rates are still low and the real estate industry is healthy. The S&P 500 is going to be at its highest this summer of 2019, depicting strength.


Dinatrum is hereby announcing that it has a new name and new management.

The Company’s name change, and new trading symbol will be effective in the Over-The-Counter Marketing when we comply with submitting the necessary paperwork and FINRA has completed its review of the Company’s application to change its name.

We are formally engaged in retaining the most successful Engineers and Environmentalists to assist us in Developing “Las Perlas”.

We are looking forward to create value and to communicate results with transparency. We are currently working on the most important tasks such as Stop Sign Removal and installing the Electrical Installation that will feed our “Las Perlas” neighborhood in years to come.

Yours Truly,

Pedro Villagran-Garcia

Corporate Information

Pedro Villagran-Garcia
President & CEO

Entrepreneurial executive with proven track record in international business development and operations.

Demonstrated leadership of start up organizations and re-engineering projects in periods of market expansion and contraction. Key role in creation of an international company with market capitalization exceeding $350 million. Fluent in English and Spanish.

MBA, 1994, and BS, Industrial and Systems Engineering, both from ITESM (Institute of Technology Studies, Monterrey, Mexico).

Specialties: Expertise in strategic planning, property evaluation and acquisition and key negotiations. Superb ability to lead teams and negotiate new business initiatives in complex, multi-cultural environments. Negotiation and acquisitions is one of his fields of expertise. His key roles in project development have been primarily with teams of Canadian and American geologists and engineers.

Sami Malcolm
Vice-President Social Media
Entrepreneurial executive that understands Social Media Management that has launched very succesful Social Media Campaigns for varios corporations.


Dinatrum is a property administrator based in Canada with properties in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

The company is making solid acquisitions. We have a great opportunity at hand. A strong real estate industry is our motivation. A strong US Economy is also the reason why our company is so successful so far.

The Villagran Family has been involved in the Real Estate Industry for various generations. In 2006-2008 the Real Estate Group had sales of $20,000,000 USD.

The US Markets have shown substantial strength in the last several years. The Real Estate Industry is solid in various regions of the United States.

Historical Information


We are currently working on reorganizing the company. Our objective is to grow organically through the implementation of two business models, Rent to Own and Development Business Models

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We are a company that develops real estate listed on OTC Markets under stock symbol AFPW. Get to understand our business models and work with us.


Please download our Corporate Presentations so that you are in a position to learn from our Business, weather you are a commercial real estate broker or a residential broker.


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