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Dinatrum presents a valuation of Real Estate Ownership using Industry Parameters

MONTREAL, Oct. 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dinatrum/Alumifuel Power Corporation (“Dinatrum” or the “Company”) (OTC Markets: AFPW), Mr. Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO, is pleased to announce an Update on its latest activities regarding the company’s financial situation. Recently Dinatrum mentioned in a Press Release that the company had improved its situation considerably since it was listed in the Stock Exchange year ago.

The Company has no plans for a Reverse Split in the foreseeable future. In addition, we would like to also mention that we don’t have any Debt Conversions. As it is commonly stated “No Toxic Debt and No Reverse Split”. Others like to state, “No Current Conversions”.

We have discussed the terms of the company’s financing, and the value of our shares in the stock market. We believe that Dinatrum could bring in revenue in a range between $5,000,000-$11,000,000 USD for 2020 and between $7,000,000-$13,000,000 USD in 2021.

Dinatrum has very interesting mergers and acquisitions in its Pipeline, we will obviously improve as our Corporate Development Department evolves and becomes more robust. The shifting tides in corporate development, mergers, and acquisitions have given way to an entirely new way of conceptualizing and enacting growth strategies. As organizations navigate an increasingly disrupted business landscape, the drivers impacting decision-making in corporate development have shifted rapidly in the past few years.

Just to mention the values of other “widely held” REIT’s we would like to mention that average industry P/E Ratio ranges from 30-105. We are also a Cannabis Industrial Real Estate Investor as we currently have begun to set a strong foot with some of our future new partners. We will provide additional numbers like “Valuation Multiples” as we discuss this with our closest advisors and industry liaisons.

Therefore, Dinatrum should be trading at much higher values. This can be based on the current multiples shown by several industry leaders that trade at higher altitudes and with P/E Ratios like the ones mentioned above.

During the week we will disclose more information regarding our Website Statistics. We are posting this because transparency is important, and our Shareholders must be informed of Real Estate Industry Facts, as several key shareholders have suggested.

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The Company’s name change, and new trading symbol will be effective in the Over-The-Counter Market when we comply with submitting the necessary paperwork and when FINRA has completed its review of the Company’s application to change its name.

DINATRUM is a Real Estate Investment Trust with projects within North America.

On behalf of the Board,

“Pedro Villagran-Garcia”

Pedro Villagran-Garcia, President & CEO

For further information, please contact the company at 1-438-988-1479 or by email at

Forward Looking Statements
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